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Dr. Holly Hernandez, PT, DPT

Holly received her doctorate of physical therapy from UT Health San Antonio and has spent countless hours expanding her knowledge through continuing education focusing on pediatrics, myofasial release, kinesiotaping, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and mentorship from many incredible providers. After having her first child and realizing the gap in education and care for women and pelvic floor rehabilitation, she knew she had a calling toward antepartum and postpartum care. Following the birth of her son she struggled with her own pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, and instability that left her unable to continue to do the active things she once enjoyed and feeling confused as to where to turn, even as a physical therapist. After receiving myofascial release physical therapy and pelvic floor treatment she realized that this did not have to be her new "normal" and recovery was possible. Through her own journey and experience she has found passion and fulfillment through empowering women, educating individuals on reconnecting with their pelvic floor during pregnancy and postpartum, and guiding moms, families, and their children through the beautiful journey of healing.

Holly is a wife to her dear husband, Aaron, a mom to 2 wonderful boys, Zeph and Teo, and enjoys spending time outside, hiking, camping, and playing tennis.